About Phillip V. Westbrooks

As president and CEO of Spectrum Solutions, Phill brings more than 20 years of management experience and higher education that has made him an accomplished, versatile, and well-qualified entrepreneur.

Mr. Westbrooks has a Masters of Public Administration and is completing his dissertation for a doctorate in Higher Education and Organizational Development.

Highlighted is a brief outline of his career achievements:

  • Visionary leadership, management, business development, strategic planning, implementation, and teamwork in healthcare resulting in several major programs generating more than $2 million in earnings annually.
  • Ability to hire, train, develop, coach, supervise, and evaluate professional staff; overseeing educators, administrative staff, and contractors.
  • Coordinated and executed highly successful programs and special projects within a fiscally conservative environment. Used expenditure control budget, cost control procedures, and internal auditing when generating more than $2 million in revenue. Cut cost 5% and improved customer satisfaction by 12%.
  • Developed new training programs for meeting corporate goals. Rewrote policies and achieved high marks for regulatory requirements. Received best practice recognition for programs and effectiveness rating of 95%.
  • Negotiated and administered new competitive contracts for vendor services and business accounts, saving at least 5% annually.
  • Provided policy decisions for a highly successful Economic Development Department. Created 15,000 jobs and $6 billion in investments in the past four years.
  • Secured financing to develop two new programs resulting in multi-million dollar profits within two years.
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